Career Opportunites


We are looking for bright, team-oriented men and women to join our staff! We expect agents and employees to exhibit the following characteristics:

  1. Understands client and customer needs- US Land & Farms, LLC operates as a real estate brokerage firm in multiple states – often times for lenders and private equity groups seeking to dispose of asset inventory. Our agents must be sensitive to client and customer objectives in order to bring added value and results to the table.
  2. Seizes opportunities to build relationships with new clients and foster relationships with existing ones- We strive to be known as a company whose agents and employees treat people as they would like to be treated and who take care of those we do business with. In order to do this, we must constantly be reaching out to new clients and continue to put the needs of others above our own.
  3. Likeable and trusting personality- Your best sales will occur when clients and customers are sold on you! Our agents must earn the trust and confidence of clients and customers alike. People will trust your recommendations when they can trust you. Also, our office is a sales “team,” so working well with the group is crucial for the success of everyone.
  4. Action-oriented- As real estate professionals, your job is to go the extra mile. Agents must be willing to pursue leads and follow through to the end.
  5. Follows up and follows through- The ability to stay on task until the job at hand is completed is essential when operating as a professional in the real estate field. Sales techniques do not always work, but people will appreciate your attentiveness to their needs every time!


  • Full-time Commissioned Real Estate Sales Agents
    • Locally based individuals in the Middle Georgia area
    • Willing to become licensed in the states we operate in- US Land & Farms holds licensure to sell in every state that touches Georgia
    • Willing to travel on short notice- Traveling across state lines is necessary from time-to-time to meet with clients and prospective buyers, take inventory photos, place signage, etc.
    • Learn to sell large packages and subdivide rural properties successfully
    • Real estate brokerage license may be required**
  • Part-time Marketing Intern
    • Individuals proficient in the technical and creative aspects of Internet marketing and design
    • An ideal position for college students or stay-at-home moms who want to earn extra money